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In the travel industry, service fees to the travel agents are paid by the various companies that are associated with the modes of travel.

For instance, if the client books a cruise, the specific cruise line pays a commission to the travel agent. The commission does NOT increase the amount clients pay for the trip. If the client books a cruise directly through the cruise line, the cruise line simply keeps the commission money that would have been paid to the travel agency.

By booking with a travel agent, you can rest assured that any necessary details are handled for you (such as helping you with the process of online check-in, making suggestions and reservations for car rentals, motel reservations, excursions upon arrival, or directions to your location). Even with the convenience of the Internet, travel agents have other means to access travel breaks or specials that the client does not have. If a trip involves multiple modes of travel and motel stays, travel agents have a way to package the trip in such a way that the client will realize significant savings compared to booking the travel as an individual searching the Internet or booking their trip directly through the travel companies.


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