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Becky's Travel Biz, Inc.

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About Us

Mission statement: We believe in finding the best deals for our customers. We believe in putting together the best travel package possible so the customer can maximize his/her experience.

Information about Becky's Travel Biz, Inc:

  • Located in Gainesville, GA
  • CLIA, IATA certification
  • Bonded in FL and CA
  • Employees have extensive destination travel schooling, extensive group and cruise knowledge
  • Becky Smith, owner of company since 2016


Company history

Becky's Travel Biz, Inc. started on Sept 21, 2016.  Becky Smith, owner, has maintained the small-business status while building a competitive company. Officially, Becky has over 11 years of travel experience working under two other agencies, but she also has over 30 years of experience putting together group travels.  We specialize in cruise ship travels (Becky has been on 50 cruises as of the company's incorporation date) but we book travels of almost any type.

Company location

Becky's Travel Biz, Inc. is located north of Gainesville, GA (about 65 miles northeast of Atlanta)